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Hi-Speed Internet Service Provider in Stilbaai

Our network solutions are designed to provide you with fast, reliable uncapped internet connectivity. We offer high throughput and quality of service suitable for your business or the whole family at home. Stil NetWorks Fibre To The Home and Air Fibre, Wi-Fi is perfect for streaming online from platforms like NetFlix and ShowMax and just as great for online gaming. Our internet services are True Uncapped, with No Shaping and No Throttling. Fill out our easy online application form, and we will get you connected as soon as possible. Internet has never been so easy.

Currently we are a internet service provider in Stilbaai, Melkhoutfontein, Jongensfontein, Goukou River Farms, and Albertinia and are now also expanding into the whole of Hessaqua.

The Two Fibre Options!

Option 1

FTTH – In other words, Fibre To The Home is finally here in Stilbaai! We are taking you into another dimension with the best prices and services in town!

Option 2

We also provide true uncapped Wi-Fi deals in Stilbaai and its surroundings through high speed Air Fibre with FREE installation.

Option 1 - Fibre To The Home

Fibre To The Home internet has finally arrived in Stilbaai! Pre-signup today for your journey into another dimension at the best prices in town. Get more information here. 

Fibre To The Home - First 3 Months Sign Up Special

Fibre To The Home - After Your First 3 Months Contract, It's Over to your 12 Month Contract

Fibre To The Business

We Don't Copy...We Lead!

Stil NetWorks Bied Aan

Die Verskil Tussen Huisvesel en Lugvesel

Internet met die nuutste tegnologie, AIRFIBRE / LUGVESEL!
’n Verduideliking hiervan, dit werk deur ’n klein Radio op u dak, wat dan deur die lug kommunikeer met ’n sektor wat op u
naaste toring is. Besturende direkteur van Stil NetWorks, Japie Stoffberg, sê dat die groot voordeel hiervan is dat ‘’LUGVESEL’’
baie vinniger geïnstalleer kan word as fisiese kabels. Die aanle van ondergrondse kabels is baie duurder, en neem soveel
langer met baie meer en duurder arbeid. Hierdie tegnologie, ‘’VESEL DEUR DIE LUG, OF AIRFIBRE’’ het sy oorsprong in
Kalifornië, waar dit vir die eerste keer ontwikkel is. Met ‘’LUGVESEL’’ vind die data oordrag plaas via bestaande oop spektrum
frekwensies, wat ’n baie goedkoper diens kan verskaf hierdeur.
Die MTN selfoonreus, maak ook gebruik hiervan, ‘’aldus Liesl
Peyper van Rapport’’. Intree pakkette met ’n gratis installasie, kan verkry word met ’n spoed van 3meg (goedkoopste pakket) tot
’n 50meg (duurste pakket). Geen kabels wat gesteel kan word nie, geen oopgrawery met kabels wat gelê moet word nie. Die
beste deel is, sou u besluit om te skuif na ’n ander perseel, dan word u toerusting net afgehaal en geskuif na ’n nuwe perseel,
maak nie saak waar in die land dit is nie, geen nuwe kabels wat by u nuwe plek gelê moet word nie, u word binne ’n paar uur
geherkonnekteer. U wat ’n huis huur, watter beter manier is hierdie nie net vir u nie? So ja, ons het gedink, as MTN dit kon
regkry, dan kan ons ook en sowaar, deur die genade van die Here kon ons dit regkry!
Stil Networks voorsien al honderde
behoeftige huisgesinne, in Stilbaai en omgewing, asook die hele Albertinia, en is nou ook besig om verder uit te brei om ook
die hele Hessequa met ‘’LUGVESEL OF AIRFIBRE’’ te bedien. Die beste nuus is dat daar geen installasiefooi, of aansluitingsfooi
is nie, dus dra ons nie net u belange op die hart nie, maar ook al die onderhoud op u installasie.
Dit is baie maklik om by ons familie aan te sluit: Stuur net ’n epos, of ’n Whatsapp, met u volle naam en van, asook u volle
adres waar u die installasie wil hê, na epos: of na ons Whatsapp 0845730880
en ons kontak u onmiddelik.

Stil NetWorks Presents

The Differance Between Home Fibre and Air Fibre

An explanation of this, it works through a small Radio on your roof, which then communicates through the air with a sector that is on your nearest tower. Managing director of Stil NetWorks, Japie Stoffberg, says that the big advantage of this is that “AIR FIBRE” can be installed much faster than physical cables. Laying underground cables is much more expensive, and takes so much longer with much more expensive labour. This technology, “FIBRE TROUGH THE AIR”, or “AIR FIBER” originated in California, where it was first developed. With “AIR FIBER” the data transfer takes place via existing open spectrum frequencies, which can provide a much quicker and cheaper service.

The MTN mobile giant is also making use of this, “said Liesl Peyper from Rapport”. Entry packages with a free installation can be obtained with a speed from 3meg (cheapest package) up to 50meg. I just want to say here that you very rarely would use a package more than 20meg.  But you can always be upgraded with only a click of a button to a higher speed. No cables that can be stolen, no open excavation with cables that need to be laid. The best part is, should you decide to move to another site, then your equipment will just be removed and replaced at your new site, no matter where in the country it is.  No new cables to be laid at your new place, you will be reconnected within a few hours with Air Fibre. This is the best solution if you are renting a house or have a holiday home and only comes for holiday once or twice a year. No need of a 12 month contract where you have to pay every month even though you are not there,  saving a lot of money this way. So yes, we thought, if MTN could do it, there is nothing that can stop us, and by the grace of God we were able to do it.

Stil NetWorks already provides hundreds of needy households, in Hessequa. The best news is that there is no installation fee or connection fee, so we not only have your interests at heart but also all the maintenance of your installation.

It’s very easy to join our Stil Network family: Just send an email, or Whatsapp, with your full name and surname, as well as your full address where you want the installation.  To email us: or to Whatsapp 084 573 0880 and we will contact you immediately.

Option 2 - Uncapped Air Fibre, Wi-Fi Packages - 24 Month Contracts

True uncapped Air Fibre, Wi-Fi data available at 24 month contracts. FREE INSTALLATION and NO CONNECTION fee.     Apply Now!!

Prices May Change For Homes Outside Of Stilbaai

stil networks

Uncapped Air Fibre Wi-Fi Deals

3Mbps – 25Mbps

Daily, 30 Day or 24 Month Contracts

No Telkom Line Needed

From R290 per Month

Prices May Change For Homes Outside Of Stilbaai

Holiday Home Options

Holiday Air Fibre, Wi-Fi Packages - Pay as You Go

Uncapped Air Fibre, Wi-Fi Holiday Packages has been designed for Pay As You Go users. This Option is perfect for families with a holiday home in Hessequa.  Apply Now.

Remember, We Don't Copy...We Lead!!!

Wireless Internet Solutions

Stil Networks operates independently from other ISP’s giving you the control and prices you deserve. Your uptime will always be monitored 24/7. Being passionate about installing connectivity enables us to deliver a quality product you can rely on. Fast, reliable Home Fibre and Air Fibre, Wi-Fi you can trust. Remember, We don’t copy…We lead!!!


We now also offer high-speed Fibre To The Home internet for the first time, together with our long established Air Fibre Wi-Fi. Guaranteed options are available from 1mbps to 500Mbps. Services are delivered using managed network equipment offering excellent uptime. Whether you’re looking for reliable home connectivity or cutting edge business services we’ve got the  internet network just for you!

 To have our Home Fibre or wireless Air Fibre internet installed hassle-free at your business or home, give us a call and we will do the installation.

For 24 Month Contracts we do FREE INSTALLATION with NO CONNECTION FEE!

Stil NetWorks also offer Pay As You Go Holiday Wi-Fi packages to families with a holiday home in Hessaqua. Installation fee amounts from R2490 once off.

This includes the complete Wi-Fi installation and setup, covering 15 to 20 meters in radius.
The Stilbaai Wi-Fi connection is established directly after installation.

Should you already have usable wireless equipment from another Wireless ISP, we will transfer you to our network at no charge. Installations and transfers include the connection of TV’s, PC’s, laptops, tablets, iPads, cellphones and any other wireless friendly devices on the day of installation.

stilnet family

Office number – 028 754 1017

Mobile number – 084 573 0880

Admin – 074 116 4052

After Hours Support – 084 770 8228

Information Desk –

Stil Networks Address in Stilbaai

4 Perdekuil Avenue, Stilbaai West, Stilbaai, Western Cape, 6674

Stil Networks Address in Albertinia

23 Longstreet, Albertinia, Western Cape, 6695

stilnetwork map
uncapped wifi in stilbaai

Ceonia – Free Installation

Rolando Jansen – Free Installation

Desire Joseph – Free Installation

Stefanie Makvuhanjwe – Free Installation

Dupre Wessels – Free Installation 

Elizma Moolman – Free Installation

Trudine – Free Installation

Catherine – Free Installation

Anne Barnard – Free Installation

Keesha – Free Installation

Helen – Free Installation

Johan De Witt – Free Installation

Deon Adams – Free Installation

Ada Abrahams – Free Installation

Liza – Free Installation

Patricia Kleinhans – Free Installation

Petrus – Free Installation

Marcum – Free Installation

Elmarie – Free Installation

Lucille – Free Installation

Heni Oosthuizen – Free Installation

Izak van der Linde – 2 Month Free Wi-Fi

Anneline Eksteen – Free Installation

Coreen Plaatjies – Free Installation 


Donovan – Free Installation

Michelle Lummis – 2 Months Free Wi-Fi

Phillips Saayman – Freee Installation

Elizabeth Erasmus – Free Installation

Lourens Erasmus – Free Installation

Chanique Laverlot – Free Installation

Juane – Free Installation

Gwyneth Saayman – Free Installation

Justin – Free Installation

Antonique – Free Installation

Arné – Free Installation

Damian – Free Installation

Christa October – Free Installation

Jolene – Free Installation

Sachen – Free Installation

Duran – Free Installation 

Renee – Free Installation

Denver Michaels – Free Installation

Victoria – Free Installation

Ena – Free Installation

Chernice – Free Installation

Stephanie Botha – Free Installation

Daryll Daries – Free Installation

Mary Anne Scholtz – Free Installation

Emerenthea – Free Installation

Shahieda Manho – Free Installation

Arné – 1 Month Free Wi-Fi

Brain – Free Installation 

Willem Oerson – Free Installation

Petrus – Free Installation

Liza Francies – 1 Month Free Wi-Fi

Fanie Groenewald – Free Installation

Mikyle Absalon – Free Installation

Brenda Stoffberg – Free Installation

Niel – Free Installation 

Chamila – Free Installation

Juane – Free Installation

Nico – Free Installation

Hilton – Free Installation

Paul Fortune – Free Installation

Dora – Free Installation

Wesley – Free Installation

Alicia – Free Installation 

Jaqueline – Free Installation






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